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Do you want to make things usable?

Whenever I start using something I’m always looking at better ways of making it work.

This blog is about my personal goal, as a Master of Psychology, usability testing advocate and user experience specialist, to improve people’s lives through better design and use of technology.

My blog will help you:
- Improve yourself
- Laugh
- Relax and expand your mind
- Understand what I do.

And I’ll be able to:
- Interact and help other people
- Write because it makes me come up with new ideas too
- Research
- Learn
- Improve our industry, and
- Improve people’s lives.

I’m particularly interested in:
- Usability testing
- Human Computer Interaction
- Eye Tracking testing
- Human Factors
- The Future of Technology

I encourage you to post your ideas, concerns, comments and experiences. That way we can all learn together.

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Objective Digital

Objective Digital is a Sydney based usability company founded by well known industry figure, James Breeze. We offer a range of leading edge usability testing and user centred design products, and sell usability testing hardware and software, including Tobii Eye trackers.

Recently we set up EyeTrackLab in partnership with Tobii and City Group Rooms, where you can use an eye tracker at very competitive rates!

We have worked with many of the large financial institutions and telcos, as well as with medium-sized businesses, government departments and universities.

“Understanding Usability” Our new Objective Digital blog!

Please visit our new blog and you’ll learn more about the UX, Usability Testing, User Centred Design industry  from the OD team. We have a whole swag of OD FAQs that are simple insights into how we do our work. The sorts of things that I am asked by uninitiated clients every day.  We hope you enjoy!

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