What are the advantages of dedicated gaming servers?

Most multiplayer games rely on a client-host who simultaneously plays and hosts the game. This setup, while basic, creates performance difficulties such as latency, sluggish loading times, crashes, lost save files, and games that are dropped.

A dedicated server is a different type of hosting that provides a lot more dependable and comfortable gaming environment.

In this article, ghostcap gaming discussed the benefits of dedicated gaming servers. Continue reading to learn more about how these servers function and how they allow gamers to customise and control their gameplay experiences.

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What Is a Gaming Dedicated Server?

A dedicated gaming server is a computer that serves a client with a video game. This type of server allows you to connect to your favourite online games in a secure, stable, and speedy manner.

Other hosting alternatives lack the processing, memory, and storage capabilities of dedicated gaming servers. Whatever game you’re playing, the server will always have enough resources to keep the game running smoothly.

The Advantages of Dedicated Gaming Servers

Dedicated gaming servers provide a number of advantages that other hosting alternatives do not.

Outstanding, lag-free performance

The hardware and internet connections on a dedicated gaming server are of the highest quality. Expect a seamless gaming experience because the gameplay is never choppy.

Infrastructure that is dependable

Dedicated machines are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that the game is always available. Most data centres contain a backup generator that ensures the game’s availability even if the local grid goes down.

When you use a dedicated gaming server, you also don’t have to worry about overheating. Data centres have constant cooling systems that ensure the infrastructure can handle the workload no matter how much action the game sees.

Customization to a high degree

The game’s hardware requirements are set by the administrator. For the best gaming experience, you can select the best processor and RAM, as well as establish bandwidth speeds.

The game rules can also be defined by the administrator. From customising objectives and maps to adjusting character stats and qualities, the server owner has the freedom that standard game hosting does not.

You can also choose who is allowed to play the game. Create an online arena for a gaming team, make the server public, or use it as a private playground. Players can also be kicked out of the game if their ping is too high or if they break the rules.

Capacity to handle a high volume of traffic

On a dedicated server, dozens of gamers can play at the same time without affecting performance. To keep the game from being too crowded, the admin can establish a maximum number of players.

There are no corrupted saved files

Dedicated servers are less prone to save file corruption than standard gaming servers. The game reliably stores your progress, allowing you to take up where you left off at any time. For extensive multiplayer matches, a good save system is essential.

High security levels

Dedicated servers are extremely safe since they:

  • The admin defines who can log into the device, so intruders cannot pose as a random players and gain access.
  • A gaming server runs video games and nothing else. The server does not have any applications or emails in the background, so the attack surface is minimal.
  • Hosting providers invest heavily in cybersecurity Read our article about server security tips and learn how the pros keep servers safe.