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Consultants! Are you making your customers’ experience of you:

  • Satisfactory,
  • Just nice, or
  • Are you *Wowing* them at every opportunity?

Remember most of your competitors keep their clients satisfied. Do you Wow them?


has a track ball, track pad, scroll wheel and.. imagesimages-11


that is one reason why mouse eye tracking is bullshit… Watch this! My mouse doesn’t move when I scroll!

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Busy day today! But I just had a sec to upload this post while I am in Adelaide! Check out this cool new video of Tobii’s latest machine, the TX300

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Book your place!

Internationally, eye tracking is revolutionising the way in which market research is conducted to gain measurable insights across advertising, packaging and shopper research.

The NEW Tobii eye tracking glasses allow wearers to walk around freely, making it easier for researchers to create a real-world environment in which to capture natural user behaviour.

Objective are running 2 launch events to demonstrate the NEW Tobii eye tracking glasses. We will also demonstrate the Attention Tool eye tracking software for market research.

International guest speaker, film director and eye tracking expert, Juan Pablo Rodriguez from EyeOnMedia will be presenting case studies on his use of eye tracking within market research.

Book your place!

Mon Nov 29th, 5pm – 6.30pm Level 1, 530 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Thur Dec 2nd, 5pm – 6.30pm Level 10, 220 George Street, Sydney

(Drinks and light refreshments will be provided)

Please RSVP by emailing me!

Objective is the Australasian reseller for Tobii eye tracking hardware and software and iMotions Attention Tool eye tracking software.

Tobii Technology is the world leader in eye tracking hardware and software

iMotions Attention Tool® is the world leading eye tracking software within market research and the application combines eye tracking metrics, reading metrics and emotion metrics.

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Here’s a neat list of online mindmaps! I still use Mind Manager for Mac [daily] and love it.

I’m also trying out iThoughtsHD on my iPad, looks good and has rave reviews.

Here’s some of my previous posts on mind mapping:

Rapid Information Architecture production - I don’t know how anyone can use any other tool for this.

Mind map agenda template - take notes in a meeting, even on your iPad!

Mind mapping the UX presentation

It’s almost 4 years old and I stand by it as a method! View more of my presos here.

Mind Map template for a Usability Test Kick Off

Do you like mind maps?


Last night I had a brain explosion! I couldn’t sleep and stayed awake most of the night drawing mind maps.

When I awoke this morning my head was still spinning, I started to write down a few more things. But that didn’t last long! My boy, Ben was hankering for some Daddy time and when that was done I had a well deserved surf.

Tonight, when Ben was in bed, I sat down to review my awesome insights from last night.  They felt like seemingly new discoveries about how to run Objective and how to keep our clients very happy!

But you know what?  I started looking at all my maps of the last 3 years and guess what? My enlightening discoveries from last night were already documented in many many of my old maps!

Why hadn’t I noticed them?


All the answers to the questions that trouble me every day are in my head already. Ground breaking discoveries arise from a subtle shift in perspective from what I think about every single day. My objective is to work out a way to have these insights more regularly and use them to take our lives to the next level.

I need to seek out experiences and use techniques that get me to view my musings from different perspectives. When the insight hits it is subtle, alarmingly simple and well worth years of rumination.

I have a geeky little mind mapping trick that I will show you soon ;)


Are you abusing your ears?

This is a wonderful short TED2010 talk by Julian Treasure about sound and how we butcher it, and our hearing. Modern technologies like headphone buds and audio compression allow us to have thousands of records in our pockets. But that is just plain unhealthy!

For me an important lesson for my son is to use good headphones that cover your ears and allow you to hear the music without having the volume blaring.

Ben is wired for sound

Not these.


Over the weekend Tobii launched the Application Market for Tobii Eye Trackers! Customers can share, download and find information about independently created software applications that have been tested by Tobii and function together with Tobii Eye Trackers.

Applications include anything from gaze control programs, plugins to psychology tools, visualisation tools, market research tools (like Attention Tool), Text2.0 tools for augmenting reading and other Geeky stuff!

Have look at the Application Market for Tobii Eye Trackers!


I just finished reading Three Cups of Tea. It gave me many insights into Pakistani and Afghani culture. The impact of America, Al-Qaeda, Islam, Altitude, Isolation and one person, the author,  Greg Mortenson.

This book was truly amazing, the insights I gained could fill this blog, however, I want to share this one.

After the death of his sister Mortenson decided to climb K2.  On the way down he got sidetracked, nearly died and was saved by the Villagers of Korphe in remote Northeastern Pakistan. He promised to build them a school and, after realising that they needed a bridge to get the building materials into the village, work started. He became very stressed, trying to control the villagers, worried that they would not do what was required in time.  The village Chief  Haji Ali then told Mortenson,

‘If you want to thrive in Baltistan, you must respect our ways. The first time you share tea with a Balti, you are a stranger. The second time you take tea, you are an honored guest. The third time you share a cup of tea, you become family, and for our family, we are prepared to do anything, even die. Doctor Greg, you must take time to share three cups of tea. We may be uneducated but we are not stupid. We have lived and survived here for a long time.’

Greg Mortenson (Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace… One School at a Time)

He then relaxed, knowing that he had had many cups of tea with them! Instead trying to control the villagers, he got to know them better and gave them his trust. The work was, of course, finished on time.

From my perspective as a B2B consultancy owner, this lesson goes so deep. Conversations, the proverbial cups of tea, are the glue that holds a successful business together. Every person who touches a client must get to know them so well. This includes the B2B owner, the sales guy, the person who delivers the service and the one who chases up your invoice.  With limited marketing budgets and limited time, this what makes great small businesses flourish.

What are you doing to get to know your clients?


I’m sure someone put heaps of thought into this piece of public furniture in Oxford, UK.

The seat certainly discourages sitting (on it) but there’s still plenty of room to loiter. Doh! Thanks for modelling Rob!