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Have you ever been caught in front of your computer doing nothing in particular?

The other day I thought up the 10 minute challenge.

  • Identify something important in your business that needs addressing and write it in the centre of a mind map. E.g.
    • need more sales meetings
    • need more web traffic
  • For 10 minutes mind map the stream of thought about all the things you can do to achieve your chosen outcome. Write things down really quickly. Put yourself under the pump.
  • Then do all the activities that arise.

Narrabeen reflections

A little bit of reflection every now and then can greatly improve your business.

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2 Responses

  1. usabilityrob 30/03/11
  2. Looks like you’re enjoying your 5D MkII, James.

  3. Yes, most definitely! Check out my fave pics here

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