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I had a realisation the other day! Much of the stuff that is (I have) written on the web about UX and Usability is a bit high brow for most of our clients!

I’ve renamed our Objective Digital blog “Understanding Usability” to make it really clear what clients will get on the blog. I’ve also added a swag of new OD FAQs. These are the sorts of questions I get asked everyday in sales calls and project scoping meetings. For example,

  • “How many people should I recruit in usability testing?”
  • “How do you do recruitment?”
  • “What is a heuristic?
  • “How does an eye tracker work?”

The blog posts are contextually linked on our site as FAQs. Here’s an example on the usability testing page:

I’ve also summarised all the FAQs in a new FAQs section.

What do you think?

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  1. How many participants should be in a focus group?

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