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I am so sick of people saying that social networking (particularly Twitter) is a waste of time.  It provides people with all sorts of benefits.

  • Answers - I ask questions and they get answered

  • Relaxation - Other people help me sort through the plethora of information available, filtering through the crap and offering me interesting things to read

  • Social Connectedness - I can easily feel a sense of belonging with friends and family spread around the Globe. I can share photos and see what people are up to
  • Objectivity and reflection - When I type my thoughts on my blog, or in Twitter, I can be objective about then and reflect on my actions. It’s a diary and I can revisit it whenever I want, where ever I am

  • Creativity - I think about things lots more these days. When I put those ideas out there, no-one may listen, but I move one step further closer to self actualization

  • Sense of self worth - When people thank me for my posts, add their thoughts, sign up to my RSS feed or Tweet stream. I feel like I have made a difference to people’s lives.

And it is much more fun and a better way to spend my time than being forced fed bullshit on TV.

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