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Can you do your presentations in one minute? I just took, Jeff Carruthers, a guy in the business of social networking, through the Slideshare presentation below in one minute. When I delivered it first time, at an AIMIA public presentation, it took 15!

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This presentation design also makes the show very easy to click through on Slideshare. No-one reads shows slowly on there do they? I know I don’t!

So, for your next presentation, see if you can click through it at a rate of knots and still get the gist. If not, you probably haven’t used a technique similar to Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen approach to design your slide deck. That means you have used too many words and not enough pictures.

Here’s another that you can click through real quick!

View more presentations from James Breeze.

Stay tuned, I have another presentation technique half ready to share but no time to write the full post!

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