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It’s interesting, I write research questions daily but there’s always room for improvement.

In a recent blog post, Survey Monkey survey, Tangler disussion forum, LinkedIn Question and Yahoo Question I asked - ‘Would you see a psychologist online?’

Silly me, the question is too Personal and Closed!

Among lots of great responses, I’ve had a few useless ‘No’ responses. Some people even said that they’d prefer not to answer. And that’s my fault, I asked the question the wrong way. So, I’ve changed the question!

‘What do you think about online counselling?’

This is an open question that uses simple and non-confronting language.  Of course, now I’m getting lots of very constructive, lengthy and open responses!

If you are writing on public forums, make sure you consider how someone will feel about others seeing their responses and keep the questions open if you want to start a long conversation.

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