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How do we manage Facebook(ing) at work?

I was at a party last night.  340 odd people invited through Facebook [well done guys!].

Chatting to a number of people I kept hearing thigs like ‘You know how facebook has time stamps on stuff… well can you believe that people are writing long winded posts at 1030 am on a Monday?  They’re in professional jobs and ought to be working?’

Where do you draw the line?  I am in an interesting Back to Social Networking in the Enterprise group in FB.  We are discussing how Social networking (Facebook) is used commercially now for many things: 

  • Research on customer perceptions
  • Research into new ways of doing things Advertising
  • Job seeking/advertising
  • Business Networking Support - that means they didn’t have a business card when we met so I looked them up on Facebook ;)
  • Business oriented networks for fun, client management and staff communication
  • The list goes on.

I met Nyree Ciorby from Topia last night. She was splashed all over the Sydney Morning Herald last week for banning facebook in her business. Well, she didn’t actually ban it, instead instituting a FB hour at lunch time.  Pretty good idea I reckon.

How should this be managed?  

I use it to keep in touch with all contacts. friends, business partners, staff, clients, prospects. Can be a waste of time, but it can also be very useful.

Last night I met someone who didn’t have a biz card.  But this morning we connected on Facebook and I sent him his proposal using the Inbox in FB by about lunch time. (I didn’t have his email either ;) ) Great!

But if you are a consulting (non-sales) person how can we manage the distraction that Facebook can create… we’ve all experienced the ZOMBIE app…


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